established in 2021

We are a small team of industry experts trained as immunologists and molecular biologists with years of manufacturing, research, quality, and drug development experience. To date, we have assisted numerous therapeutics to make the journey from concept to clinic, with several now commercially available.

Pathfinder Therapeutics is our chance to make a difference in the lives of millions of victims of infectious diseases and cancer. Utilizing our expertise, we are focused on finding a cure, no matter what.


Completely eliminate infectious diseases and cancers. Use novel gene therapy and vaccine tools to bring hope and implement solutions to people in need.


Our vision is to help our fellow man by providing the tools and solutions to annihilate infectious diseases and cancers from our world.


  • Focus on the patients
  • Develop and provide the best cures
  • Drive and embrace change
  • Create and utilize novel tools
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San Diego, CA